In this 4 week self study programme, we will go through the whole process from identifying that your relationship is toxic to learning how to heal your emotional wounds, feel better on your own and learn to relate with others in a healthy way. By the end of the course, you will experience a sense of clarity and renewed confidence, feel freer, lighter and happier and safe while relating with yourself and with others. Start attracting loving, harmonious and fulfilling relationships today!

  • Gain a complete understanding of how your childhood experiences model your belief system about the world including relationships

  • Learn tips on identifying that your relationships are toxic, and uncovering the underlying reasons

  • Know whether to stay or leave, and when and how to deal with an unwilling partner

  • Master 4 energetic healing practices you can apply completely on your own to relieve emotional overwhelm, heal trauma, stress and anxiety

  • Learn 5 practices for you to access your inner joy and wisdom, self love and self care

  • Get tips on relating effectively with others including dating, identifying red flags, avoiding falling back into the old patterns and creating your new relationship blueprint

Are you feeling frustrated, hurt, sad, lonely, misunderstood and helpless within your relationships?

Do you keep wondering why you keep attracting the same relationships over and over again?

Have you been told that you are codependent, or attracting the narcissistic type? Are you the person who ignores or misses red flags? Do you give your power away and suffer unnecessarily with others? Are you waiting and hoping that someone will save you?

Get rid once and for all of your toxic relationship patterns

Feel good about yourself and enjoy your own company, step into your power and attract healthy loving relationships instead.

  • Uncover childhood trauma and the limiting beliefs which were formed

  • Decide whether to stay or leave a relationship, and how to deal with an unwilling partner

  • Release past trauma and change your limiting beliefs

  • Handle emotional overwhelm and feel better on your own

  • Set and enforce boundaries without feeling guilty and uncomfortable

  • Manifest your ideal relationship

Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • Introduction

    • Knowing that you are attracting toxic relationships

    • What is narcissism and how can it manifest in a relationship? What is the difference between narcissism and codependency and can they coexist?

    • What is normal and what is a toxic reaction?

    • Identifying trauma bonds

    • To stay or not to stay

    • Leaving the relationship

    • Dealing with unwillingness from the partner

  2. 3
    • Module Introduction

    • Types of negative emotions and dealing with overwhelm

    • Spending time with yourself

    • Dealing with the fear of the unknown

    • Practice 1 - Journaling for self-awareness and healing

    • Practice 2 - EFT tapping for stress and anxiety reduction

    • Practice 3 - EFT tapping for Releasing Trauma

    • Practice 4 - Sitting with your feelings

  3. 4
    • Introduction

    • How long it takes and how can I tell that I have healed

    • Rebuilding life after a toxic relationship

    • Practice 1 - Enjoying your own company

    • Practice 2 - Making yourself happy without depending on others

    • Practice 3 - Gratitude for a feeling of lightness, harmony and ease

    • Practice 4 - Self care, confidence and self esteem

    • Practice 5 - Relating with different parts of self to heal your wounds

  4. 5
    • Introduction

    • To date or not to date

    • Fear of falling back into old patterns

    • Stopping to lose oneself while in relationships

    • Setting and enforcing boundaries without feeling guilty

    • When should I take responsibility for others and when should I not?

    • Distinguishing between red flags and fear of trusting again

    • Manifesting new relationships

  5. 6
    • Course Summary

    • How can you contact me?

    • What’s Next?

  6. 7
    • The Relationship Breakup Survivors guide ebook

  7. 8
    • EFT for parents and children Part 1

    • EFT for parents and children Part 2

    • EFT for parents and children Part 3

  8. 9

What clients are saying

It exceeded my expectations!

Eloise Debono, Nutritionist

I went to Angie for help with some blockages I had which were hindering my business. We did one session of EFT & very shortly after I sold my first full price package so I was extremely pleased & amazed with the results I then booked onto a 4 week relationship course that Angie ran because we all need to have healthy relationships in our lives with family, friends, partners, colleagues, clients etc. Angie was so calm & presented the information very nicely, then when we shared our comments & questions individually - Angie always had valuable advice for us. There were some lovely souls in the group & the course was excellently structured & Angie gave amazing information & techniques to use in order to improve our relationships. She also created a group for us with free e-books, questionnaires, activities & meditations. It exceeded my expectations - thank you Angie! I look forward to attending more events in the future

I genuinely wish that I would have met Angie a long time ago!

Liana Agius, Music Creator and Facilitator

I participated in both her group and individual sessions. Both types of sessions helped me grow as a person and face parts of myself that I couldn’t have done without her assistance. I have become a more positive and resilient person. I highly recommend her courses and individual sessions 😊

After just 3 sessions, I've learnt to shift my energy and focus within

Louise Bondin, Yoga teacher

Angie is such a kind, beautiful soul with a happy easygoing energy. After just 3 sessions, I've learnt to shift my energy and focus within. I was able to tap into some past traumas that I didn't even realise I was holding onto and release them, making room for and inviting new and exciting opportunities. Angie has a way of making this process so uncomplicated especially when you tend to overthink everything, she makes you feel calm and at peace, reassuring you that we all have it in us to attract what we want. She has given me some great and simple tools to be able to continue my journey at home on my own. The best part is that whenever I feel I need to ask her something, she will always be there to help. Thank you Angie, it's been a wonderful experience working with you.

Meet Angie

I feel you. Why? Because I have been there. My life featured relationships where I was always the tag along people pleaser, hoping to be liked, to be accepted. The result? I was always attracting pity or being rejected all together, leading to a tremendous amount of hurt. I then married at age 29, believing that this would be the end of my misery, and that I would never be alone again. Turns out that I had married a narcissist and I experienced a marriage full with emotional abuse, and spiraling constantly between drama and arguments to depression and suicidal thoughts, all topped up with 7 years of infertility. In 2014 I got a Masters with distinction, I should have been the happiest person in the world, and I never felt so depressed. I knew that I needed to take action or it was the end for me. I took online programs, I read books, I hired a coach and a therapist, I was seriously committed to get out of this helpless situation. I seriously wanted to make my life better, I wanted to be happy, but it was like trying to move forward, with the brakes on. I realised what was missing, it was all about the energy! I learned that our body reacts faster than our minds, and that our bodies are made of energy. Unless we shift our energy, we will be striving forward from our will power which is like a battery, easily drained. When we shift our energy, we embody what we want to be and we just are, without the need for trying! Two years later I lost the attraction to the toxic relationship and when I was ready, I let go. My new beginning had started, and from this place anything is possible. I restored the relationship with my family, have an amazing circle of authentic, honest friendships, and I am the mother of a beautiful boy. I became determined to help others. I became an Energy Psychology Practitioner with the leading Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) leading institution EFT Universe and Meditation teacher with the New Humanity School who has now spread its wing worldwide for upgrading humanity. I help people one on one overcome these toxic relationship patterns, with transformational results in just a few months and I now aim to reach more people through this programme.

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Now it’s your time, the time to take action and go for the life you want.

Through this course you will gain an unshakable clarity of the actions to take on your relationship.

You will be able to heal your past trauma at an energetic level and gain the power to feel good on your own. You will feel stronger and believe that you can truly have anything you want in your life. You will learn how to easily and effortlessly shift your own energy to feel better yourself and transform the relationships around you. You will learn how to relate effectively with yourself and with others and create the blueprint for a new relationship. It’s time to get out there and end the pain for yourself and others, and go for the beautiful life we are all entitled to!


  • One on One coaching session

    FREE one on one coaching session with me. Together we will go through your relationship story and I will give you personalised guidance on your journey and tips on how you may make the maximum out of this course.

  • Ebook The Relationship Breakup Survivors Guide

    FREE ebook "The Relationship Breakup Survivors Guide". Authored by me. A book outlining my journey from leaving my toxic relationship towards freedom and growth.

  • 3 part video series "EFT for parents and children"

    FREE 3 part video series demonstrating Emotional Freedom Techniques, how EFT may be used by parents to release their automatic triggers and prevent projecting on their children as well as how EFT may be used with children to prevent them from accumulating baggage.


It helps you settle some demons that keep you back from being your best self!

Lisa Vella, Teacher and Entrepreneur

I have done this technique through Angie and can ensure that it helps you to settle some demons that keep you back from being your best self! We've all had negative experiences in our past, some worse than others, but some good news is that they needn't haunt you anymore. Your anger and tipping points that you cannot understand, suddenly come to light and you gradually become able to control them. The process is much faster than other therapies I know of, however can also work well alongside other therapeutic disciplines. I cannot recommend EFT with Angie, enough. Contact her for a consultation and I wish you all the very best!

I feel so much more free now and things are falling into place

Noelle Kabel, Counsellor and Meditation Teacher

Hello dear Angie, I would love to thank you again for our amazing session yesterday. That was such a big chunk inside me and I didn't realise how it had affected my life! I am grateful I now dared to look at it with your encouragement, since this was one of the things that I never wanted to revisit. But I feel so much more free now and things are falling into place. Even the reasons of this encounter and what I am here to do. So thank you again, much love

I am so thankful and happy

Tanya Manic, Emotion Code Practitioner, Reiki Healer, Nutrition Life coach and Energy Psychology Practitioner

Yesterday was a very sad and hard day for me and thanks to God, Angie was there. Even I didn't expect my over-emotional reaction and I think she didn't either. We start tapping on some things, but my mind brings something else, over and over. It was no problem for Angie. Angie is really an experienced practitioner and coach, nothing confuses her and nothing shook her. She knows exactly where to bring me and how to do it. After almost 2 hrs we finished our session. I felt much better and now knowing what is next for me, that very same evening I realized my goal and moved forward starting my new project. I didn't expect so fast but I trust Angie. I know she always helps me. This time it was faster and even better. I am so thankful and happy. THANK YOU, ANGIE

Remember that you too can have the thriving relationships in your life that you only dreamt about so far, so take that first step now by clicking on the button below.

See you on the other side :)